Java is an object-oriented programming language. It is used for writing programs to develop web apps, Mobile apps, and desktop apps.


James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton started the project of Java Language in June 1991. Java was originally designed for interactive television. At the beginning, Java was known as oak just after an oak tree had been placed outside Gosling’s office. After this, the project name was Green, and the final name of Java has been applied to date, from Java Coffee, a type of coffee from Indonesia Gosling designed Java with a C/C++ style syntax that system and application programmers would find familiar.

Sun Microsystems released the first public implementation as Java 1.0 in 1996.

VersionsRelease Date
JDK Beta1995
JDK 1.0January 23,1996
JDK 1.1February 19, 1997
J2SE 1.2December 8, 1998
J2SE 1.3May 8, 2000
J2SE 1.4February 6, 2002
J2SE 5.0September 30, 2004
Java SE 6December 11, 2006
Java SE 7July 28, 2011
Java SE 8 (LTS)March 18, 2014
Java SE 9September 21, 2017
Java SE 10March 20, 2018
Java SE 11 (LTS)September 25, 2018
Java SE 12March 19, 2019
Java SE 13September 17, 2019
Java SE 14March 17, 2020
Java SE 15September 15, 2020
Java SE 16March 16, 2021
Java SE 17 (LTS)September 14, 2021
Java SE 18March 22, 2022
Java SE 19September 20, 2022
As of September 2022, Java 19 is the latest version, while version 8, 11, and 17 are the current Long-term support (LTS) versions.

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